So you’re an independent, inquisitive traveller who’s looking for the perfect opportunity to really get to know that city of sophisticated elegance – Buenos Aires.

Well, this is your invitation to travel to Buenos Aires for an insider’s 10 Day “Howdy Buenos Aires” tour…

there’s also the options to experience the wine country of Mendoza nestled beneath the Andes or take an Andes three day trek on horseback.

This is the art of slow travel;

  • If you like the idea of having the best of both worlds – ample opportunity to explore on your own and meet up with others – then we’d love to hear from you.
  • These small group tours are perfect for the single traveller or couples with groups numbering between 6 to 10 people with
  • All flights, airport transfers, accommodation (own room) and daily Spanish guide available.

What a blast – for all the senses – I cannot say how worthwhile my Howdy Buenos Aires trip was…other than to say, if you’re interested in an exotic city…just go. You’ll be well looked after!”

Dauniika Puklowski, Remuera, Auckland (HowdyBA 2008)

What is Howdy Buenos Aires?

The essence of Howdy Buenos Aires is to enable you to immerse yourself in this exotic, vast, Spanish-speaking metropolis while minimising the frustrations of the language barrier and the time it can take visitors to simply navigate this city.

You’ll definitely see the highlights of Buenos Aires but also be lead to where the average tourist doesn’t roam – from private restaurants, to the best steak, old tango halls, jazz clubs… to the drama of a live football match.

Who do Howdy Buenos Aires trips appeal to?

Howdy Buenos Aires exists for the modern day, independent traveller who wants an intense, personalised Buenos Aires discovery experience. We don’t do several continents in several days but we do know Buenos Aires, the wine country of Mendoza and Argentina – intimately.

We also understand those who want to avoid the idea of a ‘big group tour’. Rather, what we do is introduce you to Buenos Aires and give you the tools and local knowledge to explore independently but always with the opportunity to tap into daily and evening sojourns and events.

How to Howdy Buenos Aires trips work?

These 10 day breaks are designed to give first time visitors an up close, intimate and at times offbeat introduction to one of the most sophisticated travel destinations in the world – while meeting the people and exploring their food, wine, music, fashion, art and culture.

“Howdy Buenos Aires is great because it offers the best of an organised event but you’re not trapped in an ‘organised tour’.  Mike finds out what you want and then uses his network and knowledge to ensure you get the best experience possible. Go it alone with suggested walking routes or join Mike each day or meet up for part of the day. The choice is yours.
We went in 2006, had a ball and thoroughly recommend Howdy Buenos Aires!”

Jeff Mann, Ponsonby, Auckland (HowdyBA 2006)

A note on the itinerary: The tours are designed for up to no more than 10 guests – those who want to explore/shop/museum hop/cafe lounge for part of the day will have ample opportunity with incisive walking maps and general guidance being offered. As well, there’ll be daily ‘mini’ activity tours with Mike Howie, a Spanish speaker.

Check out Itinerary One here – it’s designed to give a flavour of the essentials for a ten-day insider’s jaunt to Buenos Aires. It’s indicative only and nothing is fixed or mandatory.


Mike Howie

mobile 021 70 10 31
p.o. box 147-039
ponsonby, auckland

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