“Mike, Buenos Aires was more than we expected and we wouldn’t have seen what we did and laughed as much as we did if you hadn’t been there with us.Thanks, the trip went beyond our wildest expectations In fact one place you took us we wouldn’t have got out of the taxi and it ended up being the highlight of the trip…that punk tango band!”

Shayne Hunter, Wellington, HowdyBA 2007

Why I do what I do…

If I may use the ‘p’ word…I am passionate about not only showing people Argentina… but showing them my Argentina.

What I strive to do is to simplify the getting there, the getting around and then avoiding the tourist clichés.  It’s about enabling you as a client in a small group to quickly immerse yourself in this vibrant, energising culture. I’ll then furnish you with the necessary tools and local knowledge for you to explore independently if desired.

The perfect day for me is a quick breakfast at a local cafe before exploring a part of this vast city on foot or bike. Lunch and dinner will be at a myriad of places, some not out of place in New York or Spain and some uniquely Porteño (of Buenos Aires). The Argentines love the evening – so it’s then a stroll to a small, bustling tango joint or jazz bar or a one-off event in a warehouse way across town – after dinner uptown at around 10 pm – the Argentine time for dining.

Buenos Aires is a wonderful amalgam of Paris and New York but with a style and vibrant history all of its own.  On the perfect trip, I might also get the chance to be in the Andes sipping at wine at one the world’s high altitude vineyards.

I have lived in South America working as a financial journalist, lawyer and sometime musician and still own property in Buenos Aires – making Latin America a constant in my life.

For the more sophisticated, independent traveller who wants the best of both worlds – total immersion but with excellent guidance, I provide this as well as secure and stylish apartment accommodation.

My Philosophy

“To experience and gain an insight into the gritty, fascinating, reality of Buenos Aires – the eating, dancing, lounging, shopping and walking – you first have to find a way to bypass the clichés and in doing so get an insight into both the classical and the new in this infamous port city.”

In the past decade, Argentina has undergone a miraculous renaissance especially with regard to the local art, fashion, culture and the very way Argentines perceive their place in the world. It’s a fascinating time to greet the Argentines.”

Feel free to contact Mike direct  as I’m happy to answer any questions.

As I divide my time between New Zealand and Argentina the packages include flights from Auckland – however for those who reside in Australia, The US or the UK please contact me for land-only packages in your currency.

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